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Just What the Optician Ordered? November 25, 2015

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It’s been a busy week in Sweden it seems as hot on the heels of the announcement of the amazing new 100hz speed option for the Tobii Glasses 2 system two new accessories have also been announced.

First up is the Precription Lens pack. The Prescription Lenses package contains corrective snap-on lenses for Pro Glasses 2 to facilitate studies involving subjects with either short or long sightedness. From mobile device testing and operator assessments, to sports research and wayfinding studies, these lenses will allow you to include a larger variety of subjects in your research.

The lenses range from -5 to +3 diopter in 0.5 diopter steps in order to provide support for a larger cross-section of the population with vision impairments. Separate lenses are provided for left and right eyes so you can accommodate differences between your subjects’ eyes.

Lens replacement is quick and easy with a magnetic frame that provides an easy-to-use, snap-on interface. At the same time, the solution is attached securely enough for test situations that involve a lot of natural movement, such as in sports research scenarios. Specific lens requirements and replacements are also available and the kit is supplied in a travel case.


Tobii Glasses 2 Prescription Lens Kit


Second is the new carry case and extended battery set. Combining a soft pouch with shoulder strap to carry the recording assistant and an external battery that neatly slots into its own holder on the bag the unit allows users to carry the recording unit in comfort and adding extra convenience for field based research with extended times between battery changes.

The case allows even quicker set-up and ease of use for the participant and researcher – and looks pretty good as well!

TG2 Pouch and Battery TG2 Pouch

Both accessories are available to order now – contact Acuity for more details.

Tobii Studio Promotional Offer July 1, 2009

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As all Tobii users know, Studio is constantly being improved and developed and the Studio Support And Upgrade package ensures that not only do you have access to both Tobii and Acuity technical support on-line and over the phone but also receive all software upgrades, major releases and bug fixes for the market leading eye tracking analysis tool.

To add even more value to this 2 year package Tobii are currently offering two Studio Non-Recording licences free of charge for any customer, new or existing that purchases the upgrade. These non-recording licences allow you to install Studio on two other PC’s to allow tests to be set-up, analysed and visualised off-line – ensuring youreye tracker can be in constant use.

For more information on this great offer contact Acuity on 01189 000796 or sales@acuity-ets.com