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There is an Eye in Motion (Capture) July 24, 2017

Posted by Jon Ward in Biometric, eye tracking, Glasses, Technology, Tobii.
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We are very excited to announce that Tobii and Qualisys have released a direct integration between the market leading Tobii Glasses 2 eye tracking system and the Qualisys QTM software platform. This exciting partnership means that eye tracking data can be plotted like any other data type in QTM and as well as visualisations gaze vector data can be exported to MATLAB or similar, or captured in an external source via the real-time streaming protocol. In addition the hardware sync the integration starts both the glasses and cameras simultaneously for incredibly accurate synchronisation of the data streams and I am sure you will agree that for gait analysis, sports science, gaming, behavioural analysis, psychology and more this news is incredibly exciting.

As you can see from the above image as well as the standard vector models if you use the Opus camera system you get the ability to overlay the 3D overlay over live video to really bring your research to life!

To download the PDF click here : Tobii and Qualisys Integration and don’t hesitate to get in with any questions you might have or to find out more.

HTC Vive Eye Tracking Integration – See Virtual, In Reality July 5, 2017

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Our most popular product at the moment is by far the new Tobii HTC Vive eye tracking integration and we are happy to announce we have several demo units available, packaged up and ready to hit the road to demonstrate to our customers.

The initial feedback both internally and externally has been amazingly positive and with the headset, combined with the Razer Blade laptop, all neatly packaged in a customised Peli case – we want to visit you and showcase the capabilities and possibilities for this amazing technology.


Drop us an email on sales@acuity-ets.com or call us on 01189 000795 to get a date in the diary.