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The Great Eye Tracker Amnesty! June 30, 2017

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking.

Over the nearly 10 years Acuity ETS have been around there have been a number of eye tracking companies that have appeared in the ever-expanding market space and that is great for consumer choice and competition, however unfortunately not all of them survive and others are purchased or merge into other companies to be integrated into hopefully bigger and better things. Some of course cease trading or change focus – and that isn’t great for the users of their equipment.

Eye tracking equipment comes in at many prices points, users of the $100 Eye Tribe system were angered when the company was bought and they instantly closed down all support for their products, well what if that had been a £20,000 professional eye tracking system that you had to struggle to get budget for and is now obsolete, unsupported or even worse – broken.

Tobii have always offered an upgrade path for their users, so that your existing hardware can be traded in and a generous discount given off the new equipment, it has proven hugely popular with some of our customers on their 3rd or 4th system, always keeping ahead of the curve with the latest technology. But this has always been a ‘same brand’ option – Tobii for Tobii. But that’s not how it works in other walks of life right? You can part-ex your car against a different brand for example, the same with a mobile phone – so why not an eye tracker?

Well now you can, we are offering customer the opportunity to trade in their screen based or wearable eye trackers and software to receive a discount off a new Tobii system, and we are opening it up to all recognised manufacturers, so if you have an Eye Tribe or an ASL, an Eyelink or a SMI then give us a call. Even if you want to cross platforms and go to wearable from a screen based system, we can help you out – and academic discounts apply on top of the trade in.

Get in touch – we would love to hear from you!



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