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Tobii at Congress 2011 Impact – Research Reloaded @ Amsterdam 18th – 21st September September 19, 2011

Posted by Natasha French in eye tracking, Market Research, Tobii.

Tobii are heading over to Congress 2011 in Amsterdam, showcasing the latest eye tracking technology over the 3 day event.
ESOMAR is a great opportunity to showcase the hard work and exciting developments that go on behind the scenes at Tobii HQ! The past year alone we’ve seen eye trackers integrated into laptops, glasses, plenty of software developments and recently, the release of the mobile device platform. Tobii continues to make eye tracking in market research easier and more effective with data capture becoming even more naturalistic, essentially, without compromising the quality of the results.
We won’t be there unfortunately as we’ll be tied up with work commitments in the UK. But, if you plan to attend be sure to visit the Tobii guys at Booth No.60! With the team on hand, it’s ideal for curious minds to see some of the latest technology and be the first to get inside information on new developments to be born out of the Swedish office.
If you haven’t tickets but fancy going along, you can check out the details and register at http://www.esomar.org/index.php/events.html If you want Acuity to organise a chat with the guys (from previous experience, we know it can get rather busy!) then email me at Natasha@acuity-ets.com with an ideal date and time and I will make the necessary arrangements with the team.


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