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Tobii Publish Performance Testing Guidelines For Remote Eye Trackers September 3, 2011

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Technology, Tobii, Usability & UX.

Specification sheets for eye trackers can look confusing, with spatial resolutions, sampling rates and all sorts of measurements being listed. Of course all these figures are usually the manufacturers best performance standards under ideal conditions and as with any high value purchase you should always try the equipment in situ in an environment or conditions that are as close to your needs as possible. Tobii have recently released on their website detailed guidelines for testing remote eye tracking equipment to get the true figures and performance standards for your system. This includes removing any types of noise filter, looking at different illumination levels, gaze angles and rates of head movement – and shows the true capabilities of a system, not the “best case” measurements often quoted.

When comparing eye trackers first ask yourself a few questions about the performance data you have in front of you, and ask the manufacturer for more information on how they came to the quoted numbers, how their system performs in different conditions and if they can’t answer the questions – maybe ask yourself why? Tobii are leading the market with this initiative, will other manufacturers follow?

Follow the link here : http://www.tobii.com/en/eye-tracking-research/global/about-tobii/eye-tracking/test-method/ to see more about the methods and also the first reports for the Tobii T60XL.


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