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Eye Tracking Ronaldo and Combining Eye Tracking With Motion Capture September 23, 2011

Posted by Jon Ward in Advertising, Dikablis, Ergoneers, eye tracking, Glasses, Technology, Tips And Tricks.

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks with a lot of interest in the Dikablis eye tracker after the Ronaldo footage was shown across the world… I finally got around to posting the footage on YouTube for those that didn’t see it go to http://www.youtube.com/user/AcuityETS#p/a/u/0/2NcUkvIX6no and check it out if you haven’t already.

But the TV show didn’t allow us to demonstrate the full capabilities of the Dikablis system, which is designed not only for eye tracking but also integration to other software platforms, research tools and custom interfaces. Not only does the Dikablis allow fully wireless transmission and live viewing of data up to 5km away (designed from inception for testing vehicles and ergonomics during real world scenarios) but we can also synchronise the data stream to any number of input devices. The SimLab driving simulator takes things a step further, with a choice of screen sizes and types you can create VR worlds and eye track drivers as they navigate, drive and interact with the vehicle. On top of this every key switch, button press and acceleration is logged, marked and tied together allowing you to accurately plot every aspect of the users behaviour.

For other types of experiment, such as gait monitoring, sports studies and environmental testing we can look at the D-Control interface. This allows us to add 4 additional video streams to the eye tracking data, so this could be different views of the participants, different elements the user will interact with or perhaps different views of a cricketers approach to bowl?

But we aren’t finished there…. we can also utilise the Dikablis system with the Vicon motion capture system, as seen tracking Ronaldo in the TV show and as seen in this demonstration video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqVynnEXpY8 … so as well as having multiple views of the participant filmed by traditional cameras, we can also monitor every aspect of their body motion, limb movement and add accurate eye gaze as well. The possibilities for sports science and medical research are endless, and also what about for CGI and standard motion capture where eye gaze has been “guesstimated” in the past – we can now say with 100% certainty where they were gazing as they ran, walked, tackled and interacted.

The Dikablis has a very open API which can stream data live, so the options don’t end there either – you can integrate the system into your own systems, your own code and your own research. Give us a call on +44 (0) 1189 000795 or email us at sales@acuity-ets.com for more details or to request a demo.

Tobii at Congress 2011 Impact – Research Reloaded @ Amsterdam 18th – 21st September September 19, 2011

Posted by Natasha French in eye tracking, Market Research, Tobii.
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Tobii are heading over to Congress 2011 in Amsterdam, showcasing the latest eye tracking technology over the 3 day event.
ESOMAR is a great opportunity to showcase the hard work and exciting developments that go on behind the scenes at Tobii HQ! The past year alone we’ve seen eye trackers integrated into laptops, glasses, plenty of software developments and recently, the release of the mobile device platform. Tobii continues to make eye tracking in market research easier and more effective with data capture becoming even more naturalistic, essentially, without compromising the quality of the results.
We won’t be there unfortunately as we’ll be tied up with work commitments in the UK. But, if you plan to attend be sure to visit the Tobii guys at Booth No.60! With the team on hand, it’s ideal for curious minds to see some of the latest technology and be the first to get inside information on new developments to be born out of the Swedish office.
If you haven’t tickets but fancy going along, you can check out the details and register at http://www.esomar.org/index.php/events.html If you want Acuity to organise a chat with the guys (from previous experience, we know it can get rather busy!) then email me at Natasha@acuity-ets.com with an ideal date and time and I will make the necessary arrangements with the team.

Eye Tracking Cristiano Ronaldo… September 7, 2011

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Technology.
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Recently we were asked by a TV production company to discuss an opportunity about eye tracking a footballer, I was pretty shocked when the opportunity turned out to be eye tracking the world’s most expensive footballer in Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo.

For an upcoming TV show called “Tested To The Limit” commissioned by one of his sponsors, Castrol, Ronaldo went through a number of tests to find out just why he is so good, and better than other players on the pitch! He undertook sprint challenges, took free kicks, demonstrated his jumping capabilities and of course we eye tracked him as well! The eye tracking part of the day took place when Andy Ansah (of Tekkers fame) and Ronaldo went head to head on the pitch and we eye tracked both of them as Ronaldo showed off his moves.

The worlds most expensive footballer wearing the Dikablis eye tracker!

Just after filming finished Ronaldo (or at least his PR people!) tweeted this image of Cristiano wearing the Dikablis wireless eye tracker – I was sworn to secrecy so couldn’t tweet, blog or text! Although my claim to fame is that is my hand you can see in the corner of the image!

The Dikablis was ideal for the type of testing as we were able to have both of the players running freely, while we watched live their eye movements on the two laptops at the control desk to make instant observations. As the Dikablis system allows for the field camera lens to be changed (giving us a different field of view) and adjusted (so we could focus more on the lower half of the field of vision) we were able to capture some incredible data! I would love to tell you more but my lips are sealed until after the show goes out…. then look out for more of the story behind my two days locked inside a hangar!

Sky Sports 2HD are running the program exclusively on Thursday 8th September at 9pm, and there was a quick preview (blink and you may miss me!) on Sky Sports recently which you can watch back here : http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,26691,20450_7153767,00.html

Tobii Studio 2.3.2. Released! September 5, 2011

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Studio, Tips And Tricks, Tobii, Updates, Usability & UX.

Just a quick note to say that Tobii Studio 2.3.2 has been released… this latest updates improves the processing speed of the web grouping tool, so will be of massive benefit to all those web usability testers out there!

To download the latest version you need to have a valid support contract and go to HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES within Studio. If you haven’t got a valid support contract get in touch on sales@acuity-ets.com and we can discuss your options… Studio 2.4 is scheduled for release at the end of the year, so keep your eyes out for that as well!

Please note Studio 2.3 is NOT compatible with X50, 1750 and 2150 eye trackers.

Tobii Publish Performance Testing Guidelines For Remote Eye Trackers September 3, 2011

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Specification sheets for eye trackers can look confusing, with spatial resolutions, sampling rates and all sorts of measurements being listed. Of course all these figures are usually the manufacturers best performance standards under ideal conditions and as with any high value purchase you should always try the equipment in situ in an environment or conditions that are as close to your needs as possible. Tobii have recently released on their website detailed guidelines for testing remote eye tracking equipment to get the true figures and performance standards for your system. This includes removing any types of noise filter, looking at different illumination levels, gaze angles and rates of head movement – and shows the true capabilities of a system, not the “best case” measurements often quoted.

When comparing eye trackers first ask yourself a few questions about the performance data you have in front of you, and ask the manufacturer for more information on how they came to the quoted numbers, how their system performs in different conditions and if they can’t answer the questions – maybe ask yourself why? Tobii are leading the market with this initiative, will other manufacturers follow?

Follow the link here : http://www.tobii.com/en/eye-tracking-research/global/about-tobii/eye-tracking/test-method/ to see more about the methods and also the first reports for the Tobii T60XL.