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Tobii Mobile Device Test Platform May 27, 2011

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Studio, Technology, Tips And Tricks, Usability & UX.

Testing mobile devices with eye tracking has always posed problems – screen based systems allow testing in a number of ways, from emulation to hiding a unit under a table (see the white paper on testing mobile devices – available on our Scribd page) and head mounted systems allow the freedom to test but sometimes suffer from low levels of clarity from the forward facing camera. When it comes to working with the data to produce findings easy aggregation of data hasn’t been possible – meaning more qualitative analysis and longer lead times for projects.

Taking this into consideration Tobii have designed a platform to utilise the current X series eye trackers, which allows repeatable, accurate testing of mobile devices and aggregated visual and statistical outputs using the Tobii Studio software platform. By using the X series there are also no requirements for the user to wear any eye tracking equipment and the interactions can be very free and natural. There are a variety of additional mounts and ways to increase the systems capabilities to allow for testing of phones, tablets and also other devices or physical objects – such as documents or magazines.

With Tobii Studio’s ability to group and compare different types of stimuli and tests we can now accurately compare, tabulate and analyse multi-platform products, websites, interactions and user journeys with a constant range of deliverable tools, visuals and metrics – a big leap forward for eye tracking!

The stand is due to be shipped from the middle of June, and pre-orders are already stacking up – have a look at the data sheet or contact us at sales@acuity-ets.com for more – or give us a call on 01189 000795. We also hope to have the stand at the Tobii UX Meeting next month…



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