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Tobii Glasses Case Study – 3D Labels! April 1, 2011

Posted by Jon Ward in Advertising, eye tracking, Glasses, Market Research, Marketing, Shopper Research, Studio, Tobii.

We have a new case study based on work carried out on behalf of Rolling Optics – a Swedish producer of optical 3D product packaging labels. This is the first publically available case study of the Tobii Glasses being used in a read shopper environment, more details and the link to be found below…

After applying a Rolling Optics 3D label to Grazette of Sweden’s XL hair care product range, sales of the range soared almost 90%.  Rolling Optics wanted to know if their 3D labels had anything to do with the sales increase – and evidence that they could use customer dialogues. Aimed at explaining the sales increase the aim of the study was to test the theory that using a Rolling Optics 3D label on packaging was more attractive to the consumer.  Tobii Glasses were used in a real store environment to compare performance of different premium shampoo bottle labels. By examining shoppers’ viewing patterns, both qualitatively and quantitatively, a correlation could be established between the use of Rolling Optics 3D labels and the sales increase.  The case illustrates how the Tobii Glasses are used for measuring consumer attention in a store environment, including use of the IR markers to allow automated data aggregation in Tobii Studio.


For more information, pricing or to arrange a demonstration of the Tobii Glasses, Studio or the other products in our portfolio contact us on 01189 000795 or sales@acuity-ets.com


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