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Unusual Advertising Tie-In’s! March 29, 2011

Posted by Jon Ward in Advertising, Market Research, Marketing.
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In this world of multimedia, SMM, online and real world advertising you need to be a little different to stand out. Recently our fellow reseller  in Australia , James Breeze, did some work with APN Outdoor and got some great results and some interesting findings, watch the link below and see a cameo from Juan Pablo, the Tobii reseller in Chile….


Watching this again led me to think about interesting ways of grabbing attention and adding to the impact of an advertising campaign, and then I saw the following bus shelter outside a clients office….

At first I didn’t even notice anything… and then I saw the dent (it was early ok!!) and the feathers, then the posters and all of a sudden it clicked that this was tied to the Lynx adverts where the angels drop from the sky in admiration for a guy with sweet smelling armpits! To see the advert see here :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfeVEAZkJqM .

Of course then I thought it would have been interesting to see how I engaged with this, and how I made built up the correlation with the branding which is where eye tracking would be incredibly useful and powerful. I like this subtle (but at the same time not so subtle) and quite unique way of adding to the campaign. What interesting tie-ins are out there? Seen anything that has made you smile, or think – “That is pretty cool!” – if so let me know!