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We Will Eye Track Almost Anything!!! (Part 3!) December 3, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Glasses, Technology, Tobii.

Well, here is another first (at least we think so!)… our good friend Hector Minto from Tobii Technology recently abseiled down a hotel building in aid of one of his customers, whose family was trying to raise money to buy him a Tobii Assistive Device (http://www.tobii.com/assistive_technology/products/tobii_c12.aspx). Hector shares the Acuity mantra of, ‘Can we eye track that?’ ‘Not sure, let’s try it!’ and as such donned the Tobii Glasses before dangling hundreds of feet in the air from a rope.

We took some still images from the footage (there was a lot of wind noise and some NSFW language on the audio recording!) to highlight some of the aspects Hector was looking at. We can see that when he gets to the top and looks down, he seems to be picking a place to land!

Buyt when push comes to shove (sorry, bad pun!) he is all about checking out the guide rope and keeping focused….

But on the way down he does seem to be trying to look in a few windows? Wonder if Spiderman does the same eh Hector?

But we are happy to say he made it to the bottom ok and more importantly Dylan, the little boy who all this is in aid of, managed to raise enough money to get his Tobii C12 and C-Eye which is great. We wish him all the best with it, and hope that it brings much joy to him and his family.

Thanks also to our friend Hector for wearing the glasses, and for not forcing Scott or I to follow him down the building! We have also had some interesting (odd!) suggestions for what else we can eye track so watch this space….

For more information, pricing or a demo of the Tobii Glasses (www.tobiiglasses.com) or the other Tobii products contact us at sales@acuity-ets.com or 01189 000795, or find us on the web at www.acuity-ets.com.


1. Kerry McGivern - December 3, 2010

Future fundraising for Dylan includes a sky Dive next June… Fancy wearing the glasses again for that Hector???

2. Hector Minto - December 3, 2010

I totally fancy it! And so do Jon and Scott at Acuity 😉

3. james breeze - December 8, 2010

Nice one boys!

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