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We Will Eye Track (Almost) Anything! Part 2! November 3, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Glasses, Studio, Technology.

We have always tried to rise to any challenge about what we can eye track, and tried to combine different set-ups, technologies and ideas so we thought what can we do with the new glasses. Well for those that know me I am a fan of tattoos and am currently getting a large piece done on my shoulder. During the first sittings Chelsea (my (amazing)  tattoo artist at Hello Sailor Tattoo (King Street, Blackpool) ) and I were talking about my job, the weather and all that sort of stuff when I thought – I wonder if anyone has ever eye tracked a tattoo artist. Many hours of Googling later and I found that although people have eye tracked how we observe people with tattoo’s in a social context and looking at how we make assumptions about people with inked skin I couldn’t find anyone who had tracked the tattoo artist. I mentioned it to Chelsea and she was up for the idea… so we got the glasses out during one sitting and did some data.

I was going to put up a video of the session but I don’t think anyone needs to see my semi-naked torso during the work, so I have put together a couple of stills for you which I think is still probably enough to put you off your dinners!

I am not quite sure the scientific value of eye tracking tattoo work being done! But it does prove that we can eye track some very unusual subject matter, and with the Tobii Glasses it makes things even easier to explore new fields! I would like to thank Chelsea for being a good sport (and for doing some amazing tattoo work – find them on Facebook here : http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Blackpool-United-Kingdom/Hello-Sailor-Tattoo-Studio/148122035219255) and I am looking forward to getting my piece finished off!

So what else can we eye track? Well if you have an idea then why not drop it over to me at jon@acuity-ets.com and we give it a go! No idea too crazy…. well… keep it legal at least!


1. James Breeze - November 4, 2010

You’re a strange man 😉

Jon Ward - November 4, 2010

I prefer the term eclectic innovator!

James Royal-Lawson - November 5, 2010

I think the medical term for that is “mad”.

Looking forward to the “Can it eye-track?” YouTube channel..! But at the same time, just a little bit scared.

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