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Important Update for Users of Studio 2.2 and 120hz or 300hz Tobii Eye Trackers November 30, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Studio, Technology, Tips And Tricks, Tobii, Updates.
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For those people who utilise the fixation filters within Tobii Studio and adjust them to suit their protocols and methodologies then you will have noticed that the functionality has been improved and there is more control over what is classed as a fixation. However a quick point that isn’t instantly apparent is that the “velocity” setting needs to be ‘tuned’ depending on the sampling rate of your system. This is for the simple reason that the measurement is velocity – and related to the time and distance between sample points. So for a quick example, if the velocity setting you had for 60hz was ’35 pixels’, then at 120hz it would be ’17 pixels’ and at 300hz you would put the setting at ‘7 pixels’.

For more information on the new fixation filters you can download the latest Studio 2.x manual from within Studio (go to HELP > DOWNLOAD MANUAL)  or read the help text in the release notes. Or of course give us a call on 01189 000795 or sales@acuity-ets.com and we will be happy to help.

BIMA Awards – Congratulations to the OTHER media!!!!!!! November 30, 2010

Posted by Natasha French in eye tracking, Market Research, Media.
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Now that we’re fully recovered from the BIMA awards, a very big congratulations to winner of the Acuity Sponsored Usability and Accessibility Award: the OTHER media for ‘V&A Search the Collections’
and of course, not forgetting other finalists in this category: Six To Start, Zone and Clear Left, as well as all other winners at the event hosted at Heaven Nightclub that picked up awards recognising their achievements during 2010 in interactive media.

Thank you also to event organisers and host Alastair Duncan – who produced and organised the lively evening.

And of course, we couldn’t forget our lively drinking companions, Guy Redwood-Director of Simple Usability and Director of Blue Sight-Adrian Exton. It was great to see you guys and have you join us with the fun!

Ouch! Eye Tracking Me Knocking Myself Cold Almost! November 12, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Glasses, Technology, Tobii.
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Number 3 in a series of we will eye track almost anything is a short clip of me wearing the Tobii glasses while atop the Scott Memorial in Edinburgh. We were there helping our friends at Uservision (www.uservision.com) for World Usability Day and Natasha and I went out to capture some footage around town – we wil post more of this later on different posts and our YouTube page – so we thought why not go and explore the scenic views from the top of this historic monument. However being 6ft 7″ and obviously not the sharpest tool in the box I forgot as I was walknig around that the stone doorways are very low on the second storey… so see below the video clip of the moment I looked left to see the stairs to the next level and then bounced off the stonework and landed on my bum! And marvel at how sensitive Natasha was as she rounded the corner and quick as a flash took a picture of my misfortune / stupidity!

And a quick still afterwards… I never said I was photogenic!

If you have something you want us to try to eye track then let me know at jon@acuity-ets.com or give me a call on 01189 000796…. just nothing to do with stone walls and my head, please!

Wow! 300hz Sampling Rate and Large Freedom of Head Movement – The Amazing New Tobii TX300! November 11, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Market Research, Media, Technology, Tobii, Updates.
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The large majority of consumer and user decisions are made unconsciously and in a split second. To better understand the fast processes of the human mind and body, researchers need instruments to study certain processes on a detailed level – such as micro saccades, fixations and blinks. Tobii is proud to introduce the new Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker which collects gaze data at 300 Hz and yet allows large head movements.

The Tobii TX300 is suitable for:

• Neuroscience studies (e.g. studies combining eye tracking and biometric)
• Reading studies
• Psychology research (e.g. consumer psychology)
• Gaze-contingent paradigms due to the very low latency

The TX300 includes the following features:

• 300 Hz sampling rate

The TX300 is designed for studies that require a higher sampling rate; e.g., the need to study eye movements such as saccades, correction saccades, fixations, pupil size changes and blinks.

• Tolerance for large head movements
The TX300 is suitable for studies where freedom of movement is important, including behavioral research or eye movement research involving children. In behavioral studies, subjects do not have to be positioned in an unnatural chinrest.

• Flexible stimuli presentation
The TX300 can be used with the supplied 23” wide screen TFT monitor, or as a standalone eye tracker. The modular design of the system enables both stimuli presentation on the supplied monitor, and studies of real-world flat surfaces or scenes (such as external video screens, projections and physical objects).

• Flexible software options
Tobii TX300 is compatible with any application built on Tobii Software Development Kit (Tobii SDK), including the easy to use Tobii Studio 2.2. The TX300 can be used together with most EEG systems, such as Brain Products, EGI and ANT

Follow this link to see and hear more! http://www.tobii.com/market_research_usability/products_services/eye_tracking_hardware/tobii_tx300_eye_tracker.aspx

We Will Eye Track (Almost) Anything! Part 2! November 3, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Glasses, Studio, Technology.

We have always tried to rise to any challenge about what we can eye track, and tried to combine different set-ups, technologies and ideas so we thought what can we do with the new glasses. Well for those that know me I am a fan of tattoos and am currently getting a large piece done on my shoulder. During the first sittings Chelsea (my (amazing)  tattoo artist at Hello Sailor Tattoo (King Street, Blackpool) ) and I were talking about my job, the weather and all that sort of stuff when I thought – I wonder if anyone has ever eye tracked a tattoo artist. Many hours of Googling later and I found that although people have eye tracked how we observe people with tattoo’s in a social context and looking at how we make assumptions about people with inked skin I couldn’t find anyone who had tracked the tattoo artist. I mentioned it to Chelsea and she was up for the idea… so we got the glasses out during one sitting and did some data.

I was going to put up a video of the session but I don’t think anyone needs to see my semi-naked torso during the work, so I have put together a couple of stills for you which I think is still probably enough to put you off your dinners!

I am not quite sure the scientific value of eye tracking tattoo work being done! But it does prove that we can eye track some very unusual subject matter, and with the Tobii Glasses it makes things even easier to explore new fields! I would like to thank Chelsea for being a good sport (and for doing some amazing tattoo work – find them on Facebook here : http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Blackpool-United-Kingdom/Hello-Sailor-Tattoo-Studio/148122035219255) and I am looking forward to getting my piece finished off!

So what else can we eye track? Well if you have an idea then why not drop it over to me at jon@acuity-ets.com and we give it a go! No idea too crazy…. well… keep it legal at least!

Worlds First Eye Tracking App Market Place And Free Tobii SDK! November 1, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Market Research, Media, Studio, Tips And Tricks, Tobii, Updates, Usability & UX.
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Recently Tobii have announced two very exciting developments for their clients, both existing and future! First up is the availability of the SDK (software development kit) free of charge to download – this tool kit gives you an easy to use package of application routines for controlling and collecting data from Tobii eye trackers, to integrate them into customised routines, your own software and also merging packages. You will need a level of programming ability to utilise this effectively but this opens up the door to a whole new range of applications. Click on the link below to download it and find out more :


The second exciting news from the Tobii camp is the launch of the application market for Tobii eye trackers – an online resource where both free of charge, and chargeable software can be found covering a host of applications – from more extensive calibration routines to different ways of analysing data. You can also submit your own code for inclusion there and help out the rest of the Tobii community!


As always if you have any comments, questions or thought please feel free to get in touch at jon@acuity-ets.com or give us a call on 01189 000795.