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A Little More About the Tobii Glasses From Tom Englund of Tobii Technology AB June 26, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in Advertising, eye tracking, Glasses, Market Research, Media, Shopper Research, Technology, Tobii.

Tobii Glasses
On Tuesday Tobii announced the launch of the Glasses, a revolutionary eye tracking tool for conducting accurate, low-cost, mobile eye tracking studies in real world environments.

Tobii Glasses look and feel like a pair of modern-looking eyewear and allow subjects to walk around freely, making it easier for researchers to create a real-world environment in which to capture user behaviors while they browse in stores, use a computer, try out a new product, read an advertisement and more. Additionally, the glasses are lightweight and don’t have distracting cameras or mirrors in the field of view or require the user to carry bulky equipment, so the user acts more naturally and the resulting data has a higher level of validity.

From the outset of the Glasses project we wanted to create a truly different type of eye tracker, with unique capabilities. We wanted to push the technical boundaries and in turn also push the boundaries for our customers of what they can use the Glasses for.

One of the key elements of this product is the extreme ease of use paired with an unobtrusiveness. We want the system to be extremely easy to operate and calibrate for the operator. We have also put a lot of time on making the Glasses feel comfortable and natural for the user, with a lightweight and slim frame.

The other key element of the Glasses is the automatic data aggregation, making it possible to compile gaze data from different eye tracking recordings into one image at the click of a button. For this we use IR markers as reference points in the recording. The problem of data aggregation from moving videos is an old one within the field of eye tracking. Even though the use of a physical reference point will include some manual preparation (with a skilled technician) of the test areas, the markers have the potential to take away hours and hours of manual coding, which before was necessary to merge the video files.

We think that Glasses are revolutionary as the product opens up entirely new possibilities for our customers to do research that previously has not been possible. The application of this product to provide insight into human behaviors could include anything from understanding buyer preferences, to learning about gaze in operating mobile devices, playing sports, attending live events or operating machinery. In fact, the applications are limited only by the imagination – they are virtually endless.

For more information, please visit www.TobiiGlasses.com or www.Tobii.com.

Tom Englund,
Executive vice president of analysis solutions, Tobii Technology


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