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Men At Work : Down Under! May 13, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Market Research, Marketing, Studio, Tips And Tricks, Tobii.
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For those of you that follow @acuityets on Twitter (and if not, why not!) then you will have seen a number of tweets from me as I helped out our friends at Objective Digital in Australia, and ran some Tobii Studio workshops for their clients – both academic and commercial. Firstly I would like to thank James and Kylie from Objective and Bas from Tobii for their hospitality and penchant for paying the bar tab. Secondly I would like to point out that going to Australia for just one week is a bad move – just as I got over my jet lag (and initial hangover!) then it was time to come back, and I am now suffering a slightly more minimal variant of travel hangover!

The workshops were advertised as an introduction to Studio 2.1 but ended up being a 4 hour interactive session going over the basics of eye tracking, why certain methodologies are best, how to optimise Studio for performance and some best practice tips. We also used the time to discuss ways of analysing and working with pop-ups, dynamic content and other web 2.0 interactions. For our academic clients we went into more detail on timing issues, and compatibility with other software packages. Overall the days were tailored to the group in front of me and after fielding some tough questions, and some easy ones, we finished the week with a list of great ideas, feature requests for the guys at Tobii and very sore feet!

On the first Monday evening we also attended and presented at Mobile Monday, a monthly (and apparently global) event where people get together to talk all things mobile – including new tech, apps, phones, devices and of course eye tracking – all washed down with an inspirational beer or two. As we were doing a very temporary inverted X120 set-up we used a combination of blue tac, an eye tracker case and the flexible light for my eBook to put together a live demo of tracking a mobile handset with a remote eye tracker… it was all working beautifully until James (who is 17 stone and 6ft 5) banged into the table and threw our highly scientific set-up out of alignment slighty!

All in all it was a great trip, albeit a little tiring (for that, read a lot!) and the workshops seemed to help people of all levels. If you think that a workshop would help advance your teams understanding and ability with their Tobii system get in touch and we can tailor something to suit you. Alternatively for those new to eye tracking why not attend one of our free workshops – contact Natasha on natasha@acuity-ets.com for more details and a list of available dates.

Last few places at the Acuity Eyetracking Workshops! May 7, 2010

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Interested in learning more about eyetracking?

We are running a series of workshops at our offices in Reading, focussing on eyetracking in the commercial sector. They are aimed at the usability/UX sector and advertising/MR communities. We have a few places left on Wednesday the 26th May. The event runs from 093oH to 1600H and we even provide lunch. Please get in touch with Natasha to book your place.

On the day we will give you a basic understanding of what eye tracking is, how it works and how it can help your business. In addition we will discuss how eye tracking analysis and systems can be integrated into your work flow to maximise its effectiveness.

Topics covered include:

  • Different types of eye tracking hardware for different stimuli or test types
  • Test preparation and set-up
  • Recruitment of participants and best practice
  • Different methodologies and the differences between quantitative and qualitative eye tracking studies.
  • A look at how we see and what attracts our attention
  • A practical session using the eye tracking systems where everyone will get some hands-on experience
  • Test preparation and set-up
  • Open Q&A session
  • Test moderation
  • ….and more!

Our offices:

  • Acuity ETS Limited
    Davidson House
    Forbury Square
    Reading, RG1 3EU.
  • Contact telephone number : 01189 000795/6

Tobii Studio 2.1 Video Walkthrough May 7, 2010

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This webinar recording gives an introduction to Tobii Studio 2.1, the leading software tool for eye tracking research. if you would like to know more please do get in touch to arrange a demonstration at your location.

Tobii Studio 2.1.12 Beta Launched May 4, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Studio, Tobii, Updates.
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Really quick post to say that the Beta release of Studio 2.1.12 is out and available to those with a valid support contract. I have been using it for my Studio workshops down under in Australia (3 down, 5 to go!) and it has been solid and stable. This of course has the new statistical and AOI tool as well as the return of the ability to drag and drop stimuli from your desktop into the timeline – a welcome pilgrim from the Clearview days! If you don’t have a valid support contract contact sales@acuity-ets.com and we can discuss your options to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest versions of the software!