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Shopper Counting and Attention Analysis Tool February 25, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in Advertising, Market Research, Marketing, Media, Updates.

After our very brief demo of the shopper counting tool we are now reselling I have pleasure in adding a little more information about the product. Firstly there is a link below to a short PDF going over the key points and some of the USP’s for the product which can be download from our Scribd page… http://www.scribd.com/doc/27438466/Shelf-Tracking-and-Shopper-Flow

The product is basically a hardware and software solution that can be located in places such a kiosks, shop windows, shelving runs in a store, around digital signage or in shopping malls – amongst other places. Data is captured real time, and anonymously (no video is actually recorded) and as you can see from the image below it can differentiate between male and female viewers…(in a truly sexist way – blue for boys, pink for girls!) – the system can cope with multiple viewers at once (footfalls of thousand per day in shopping centres can be accommodated) and using some clever calculations the system picks up if the person is viewing the stimuli (where the camera is located), walking past or looking but not engaging.

Also by using some clever algorithms it can categorise people into one of 4 age categories – allowing both detailed audience analysis, and also the chance to ingrate this into your digital message – for example if the current viewing audience of your billboard were male than you could alter the displayed image to suit that audience. It also allows you to link in to you digital media to count which message (out of potentially many running on a screen on a video loop) received the most interaction, how long they watched it for and more importantly perhaps it can count how many people passed by without giving direct attention to your stimuli.

Units can be set up in multiple locations around the store, country, or around the globe and data is fed back to a simple to use, and customisable web interface where any number of charts can be viewed, and statistical data exported for analysis. You can compare footfall at certain times of the day, compare the male/female split of viewers during the week or monitor performance of store A in Scotland against store B in Germany… below are a few examples of graphical outputs of data, showing (in order from top to bottom) a pie chart showing male/female viewer split, a bar chart showing the total number of viewers against those with the OTS (opportunity to see) figures and finally a pie chart detailing the dwell time of attention on the stimuli.

There is a lot more functionality to the tool – but to ensure we give you the right advice, and for more information on pricing, the metrics available and how this can tie in with eye tracking and traditional shopper research then please contact me at jon@acuity-ets.com or look at our website www.acuity-ets.com.


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