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People Counting and Recognition Tool for Market / Shopper Research and More! February 3, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in Uncategorized.

Below is a little sample video of the Acuity team looking sheepish in front of  a new piece of software we are looking at distributing… the software uses a camera facing out of a piece of advertising, a shop fixture or even a store window to see who takes notice of the products, displays or even to count footfall. What sets this apart from other products of this type is that is can also detect – with a very high level of accuracy – the gender of the person viewing (in the video you can see the pink circle for our lovely Natasha, and the blue circle for the even lovelier Jon and Scott!). It also calculates if someone is engaging with the fixture or just walking past (a dotted line indicates not fully engaging whereas a solid circle shows people are looking at the fixture) AND can group people into 4 age groups…. WOW!

The software analysis package is based online and allows to you to break down flow by the day, hour or minute, to collate numbers of cameras in different stores, regions or aisles and to compare historic data to new… there are also lots more reporting options as well which we would be happy to discuss with you.. Please see the video below for a brief demo of the speed and accuracy of the system and get in touch to know more…. as always sales@acuity-ets.com.


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