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Studio 2.0.6 and 2.1.4 February 2, 2010

Posted by Jon Ward in Market Research, Marketing, Studio, Technology, Updates, Usability & UX.

A quick update on the latest updates! Studio 2.0.6 is available to download and is proving stable, so anyone with a valid support contract are advised to upgrade to this iteration now. Simply go to HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES and the latest version and release notes will be there for you to see.

On a second note we are getting some really good feedback on the pre-release version of Studio 2.1.4 which is also there for you to download BUT is not supported (it’s an ALPHA release) so please PLEASE PLEASE don’t use it for mainline testing!!!! Tobii or Acuity (for that matter!) are not offering support for this release – it is purely to allow people to get a sneak preview on the new statistical tool, which is great! What you can do is capture your data on an existing version of Studio (say 2.0.6 for example!) and then install and analyse the project in 2.1.4 – to take advantage of the new multiple variable statistical tool…

As soon as the new version goes live we will do a tutorial of sorts on the new tool, and for all those of you at Internet World this year come and visit us on our stand and we will happily give you some on the spot training!

More info will go up on www.acuity-ets.com soon, or contact me at jon@acuity-ets.com with any direct questions….


1. James Breeze - February 2, 2010

So it’s nearly ready – when you coming to Oz?

Jon Ward - February 3, 2010

Soon I hope buddy… once the new statistical tool comes out we want to do a solid ‘how to’ guide and put together a new workshop to get everyone hyped up and skilled in using the Tobii Studio tools…. then I’ll be on the plane….

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