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Studio 2.1 Alpha Release – IMPORTANT INFO! PLEASE READ! November 9, 2009

Posted by Jon Ward in Studio, Technology, Tips And Tricks, Tobii, Updates.

If you are the sort of person that keeps checking for the latest version of Tobii Studio (HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES) then you may have seen a recent announcement saying that an open Alpha release of Studio 2.1 is available for download.

This major update has an amazing new statistics tool in it allowing for a whole range of new functions to be accessed. It also has improved audio / video time syncing and a few other tweaks and additions. While we hope that you will take time to download this version and have a play around please read the disclaimer that is displayed.

As this is an ALPHA (pre-release) version of the software it is NOT RECOMMENDED that you use this for commercial or important testing as there may be incomplete code, bugs or other things that need ironing out. Also Tobii won’t be able to offer technical support on this version until its full and final release. Tobii will not be liable or be held responsible for any lost data or issues that arise from using Studio 2.1.

On a lighter note – have a look at the new tool and let us know your thoughts, views and comments – if there is something you feel is lacking or needs improving let us know and we will pass this on. As always contact me at jon@acuity-ets.com.



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