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Face Detection Software With Gender And Age Recognition – The Future Of Interactive Advertising? August 19, 2009

Posted by Jon Ward in Advertising, Market Research, Marketing, Technology.

With the advent of smart media, LCD screens with adverts that follow us down tube station escalators and more we are constantly looking for new products to add to our portfolio of eye tracking products. One product we have recently brought on-line allows for facial recognition to count how many people looked at an advert, or shelf, or POS drop bin and can be standalone or networked. But not only this – it can determine if the viewer is male or female, and roughly how old they are – bracketing people into 4 age groups. Accuracy is high (90%+) when set-up correctly and the unit can be used internally or externally, in a permanent or temporary solution.

So as well as reporting who looked at your media you can determine who was attracted to it, how long did they look at it and at hat as your busiest time. For shelf testing POS – how about knowing how many of your target demongraphic saw your special offers? Or more importantly how many people walked past without noticing anything? If the system is networked you can work this out for a whole product launch, or across an entire estate of stores… We have all seen the CCTV cameras and screens as we go into stores, kids wave up at them as they see themselves and we see our bald spots for the first time! With this new system you could see what split of people enter a store, and then by counting the interactions at various points track movement of customers, paths of potential target customers and how they interact with different fixtures – and this can be done remotely or locally….

And as a final cherry on top – how about tailored advertising… for example we have a bus stop advert showing an advert for “Product X” – the system detects that now there female viewers are making up >50% of the people interacting with the advert so the media changes to advertise “Product Y”. Those viewers move on and “Product X” returns to the board – only to be replaced with an advert for “Product Z” as the system detects >75% male viewers under the age of 30….. smart advertising? the chance to target with a specific message? the chance to resell the same media space 2 or 3 times? Yes, yes and yes!

As a final note – at Acuity we are striving to offer a solution from product conception to launch – and everywhere in between… so from conceptual designs being eye tracked, to the product placement on a virtual shelf, to in-store testing and finally to actual live statistics to see if all the hard work paid off – we can help at each step of the way. Contact me for more details – jon@acuity-ets.com


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