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Simple Questionnaires In Tobii Studio – A Quick How To Guide…. July 2, 2009

Posted by Jon Ward in eye tracking, Market Research, Marketing, Media, Tobii, Usability & UX.

To add a little more depth to your eye tracking studies, why not add questionnaires within the process – asking your test subjects pertinent questions on images, or sites they have just been exposed to. This is just a little “How to……” simple questions into Tobii Studio projects.

First you need to create the question’s on pages in either the INSTRUCTION element of a test, or as a JPG or BMP as an IMAGE stimuli… the first image above is a (very!) basic example… the boxes around the text are to give the impression of buttons or click areas…

Then insert this into the time line at the relevant point, and select ADVANCE ON MOUSE CLICK on the PROPERTIES section of the stimuli menu, and ensuring the SHOW MOUSE CURSOR tab is ticked also. Run your test as normal, and encourage your respondent to click on their answer.

In the VISUALISATION tools you can then add AOI’s around the buttons (ok, they are boxes but use your imagination a little!) as seen in the second image above and use the metrics in the STATISTICS function to get your responses totalled up, but not only this – as you have eye tracked them as well you can also investigate further.

For example on the gaze plot image (3rd picture in the gallery above) you can see the viewer actually looked and fixated on the first answer, before seeing the second answer – pausing for thought but then clicked to confirm their thoughts. This result shows they were very clear that they had seen the ‘CIF’ product as they didn’t even choose to read the final option.

Heat maps can also be used (final image above) to determine the time a person, or group of people took to decide on an answer and much more….

So from just getting simple numbers of yes, no and maybe answers to getting more data about the length of time someone took to make a decision, to gaze plots showing the strength of their convictions and more… our first tip for Tobii Studio!


1. alex t - July 4, 2009

Hmm… These are some good ideas, ones that I want to try in a market research study I’m part of next week.

Jon Ward - July 4, 2009

Alex, glad they may help – please let us know how the testing goes – one quick point, whend getting to this stage of your test make sure your participant doesn’t get click happy – first click will proceed to next screen… good luck!

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